Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Foods NOT to Eat While Sick or Battling a Cold

Elizabeth Renter
Activist Post
September 27, 2012

It’s almost that time of year, where we start passing around colds like we pass around the holiday dishes. While there are numerous sources out there for natural cold remedies (garlic, ginger, hydration, etc.), it’s also good to know which foods to avoid while sick or battling a cold. By eliminating these foods, while hopefully consuming immune-boosting foods, you can recover more quickly and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol weakens your immune system and dehydrates you. Both of these can make your colds more miserable and leave you with an even worse morning. Grandma’s hot toddy might clear things up for a short time, but take it easy and don’t overdo it. If you come down with a cold, steer clear of most alcohol in order to keep your body optimally hydrated and your immune system functioning on high.

2. Dairy Products

Dairy products may be on the fence (in small portions), as consuming them may not aggravate some while doing so to others. Dairy products can increase mucus production, and mucus is one thing you don’t need more of when you are sick. If ice cream feels good on your throat, opt for a different frozen dessert like frozen fruit bars. These will numb your scratchy throat and deliver some useful vitamin C.