Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Freedom of Speech In The West Is Constrained By The "Conspiracy Theory" Label

Saman Mohmmadi
The Excavator
September 15, 2012

What would free speech icon Voltaire say about the political and social marginalization of the 9/11 truth movement?
"Have patience awhile; slanders are not long-lived. Truth is the child of time; erelong she shall appear to vindicate thee." - Immanuel Kant.

"A public can only arrive at enlightenment slowly. Through revolution, the abandonment of personal despotism may be engendered and the end of profit-seeking and domineering oppression may occur, but never a true reform of the state of mind. Instead, new prejudices, just like the old ones, will serve as the guiding reins of the great, unthinking mass.

All that is required for this enlightenment is freedom; and particularly the least harmful of all that may be called freedom, namely, the freedom for man to make public use of his reason in all matters. But I hear people clamor on all sides: Don't argue! The officer says: Don't argue, drill! The tax collector: Don't argue, pay! The pastor: Don't argue, believe!" - Immanuel Kant.
The dethroning of sacred narratives and sacred myths in a culture is impossible without a free press. No such institution exists in the West, which explains why the official 9/11 story is still considered a sacred narrative in the Western mind eleven years after the traumatic events.

There is censorship in the mainstream media, and most of it is self-censorship, as heroic British journalist Alan Hart said in this interview. What this proves is that America and the Western world is just as totalitarian as the Islamic Republic of Iran and the religion of Islam.

The Muslim world's intense reaction to the anti-Islam film which originated from America is a reminder that blasphemous offenses to totalitarian cultures and religions are not tolerated. People want their beliefs to be validated and consider them sacrosanct. Both rational criticism and monstrous insults are forbidden.

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