Tuesday, September 25, 2012

French Surgeon: Half of Rebels In Syria Are Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Paul Joseph Watson
September 25, 2012
A French Surgeon who worked at a hospital in Aleppo admits that at least half of the militants he treated for injuries were Al-Qaeda terrorists whose goal is to impose sharia law across Syria and the whole region.

These are the same rebels being funded to the tune of tens of million of dollars by the Obama administration.

During an interview with France Info, Jacques Bérès, founder of Doctors Without Borders, said that although the city of Aleppo is portrayed as a rebel stronghold, it still has many areas that are loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Bérès added that most of the people he treated were fighters and relatively few were civilians or children. This contradicts the claim routinely made by establishment media outlets that the Syrian government is indiscriminately bombing its own citizens.

Asked if the fighters he treated were Jihadists or Salafists, Bérès responded, “I would say at least half of them are Salafist Jihadists with the headband with Quranic verses, even the cars transporting them had Al-Qaeda flags on them, and the Salafist look with the mustache gone while keeping a beard.”

Bérès explained that his job was to treat wounds and not to make judgments on political motivations. However, he revealed that some of the fighters were French jihadists, including two he talked with who said they saw Mohamed Merah, the Islamic terrorist who attacked and killed two French soldiers as well as three children at a Jewish day school in Toulouse earlier this year, as an “example to follow.”