Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stop Imperialism - Interview - John Lindsay-Poland 09-07-12

Eric Draitser
Stop Imperialism
September 7, 2012


Eric is joined by John Lindsay-Poland to discuss the Caravan for Peace, whose upcoming events in New York and Washington DC are an attempt to raise awareness about the human cost of the so-called "War on Drugs". Lindsay-Poland spent time traveling with the Caravan this summer; he gives a first-hand account of his experiences here. Also, John and Eric discuss the School of the Americas (aka WHINSEC) and its relation to some of the most brutal practices still ongoing in Latin America.

Additionally, John discusses the Fellowship for Reconciliation (FOR) Colombia and how people can get involved with this organization.

John Lindsay-Poland is the Research and Advocacy Director at the Fellowship for Reconciliation (FOR) Colombia. He is also a representative of and participant in the Caravan for Peace which will be in New York City on September 6-7 and Washington DC September 10-12. Visit the website at