Thursday, September 13, 2012

The American Corporate Party and the Derailing of Revolution

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 13, 2012

As the Presidential campaigns begin to heat up, it is thoroughly apparent that the vast majority of Americans will once again fall into the trap of political bickering, party affiliation, and personality cults.

One only needs to talk with their friends and family, watch social media sites, or listen to the callers of talk radio to understand that 2012 will be yet one more year where the populace is further divided and conquered by a force that spans both political parties.

Although the reason for the effectiveness of the steam valve known in the United States as elections goes much deeper than the mere greed and corruption of political parties and the complicity of the mainstream media, the fact is that, if we are to avoid a repeat of every other election year in American history and a continued dominance of the status quo, the American people must soon take drastic steps to ensure it.

This, however, is much easier said than done. Most Americans are not truly aware of the levels to which they are controlled as pawns on the political chessboard, much less the lengths to which they are controlled in their culture and personal lives. Yet, even those individuals who are largely awake to the forces directing society are both consistently and easily pulled back into the counterproductive game of political debate and supporting candidates whose best description by their supporters can only be that they are “the lesser of two evils.” Thus, individuals who are aware of larger conspiracies regarding 9/11, world government, Zionism, corporate finance oligarchy, and many others are caught in a web of pointlessly defending a candidate who is wholly owned by the very forces they seek to overthrow.

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