Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trying to Force Everyone on Statins & Where Big Pharma Can Shove Them

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post
August 31, 2012

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A renowned UK professor is calling for all people over 50 to get on statins – cholesterol lowering and heart disease drugs like Lipitor and Crestor. Actually, Sir Rory Collins wants healthy and younger people on them too and wishes that “safety watchdogs” would stop accentuating the side effects.

Not only does this call come after more negative resulting studies on statin drugs, but this isn’t the first time a strong suggestion has been issued. Not too long ago an AMA mouthpiece suggested adding them to the water supply! And he wasn't the first one to want them in our drinking water. Mainstream media quickly jumped on the bandwagon to echo such a "Communist plot." A strong call to make that change appears in a video here. Before that, the American Journal of Cardiology wanted statins added as condiments with fast food items – to conveniently continue eating heart-damaging foods. They already are added into polypills automatically given to people who reach mid-life.

The CDC already reported that approximately one in four people over age 45 take statins compared with one in 50 as of just 15 years ago. Another widely published study implored the same "everyone over 50 on statins, healthy or not" message back in May. As early as 2008, doctors were wanting children as young as eight on them - wow, they really want us on these pills! Is this how a Brave New World begins?

Collins held a large study (but for how long?) with 130,000 people. He called statins remarkably safe, lamenting those with "misguided safety fears" about side effects scaring people away. He claims the trial prevented a lot of death. People didn't forget the reported side effects, though, and are either stopping statin use or refusing to take them in the first place. But Collins, a new ambassador for the pharmaceutical and medical cartel, dismisses those fears and wants people to start treatment earlier and for longer. Most who are placed on statins remain on them for life.

It appears that messages about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs have spread - Prof. Collins expressed his frustration and overemphasized the "benefits outweigh the risk" line. He admits that muscle pain affects 1 in 10,000 patients. But what are other studies and doctors reporting? What are patients themselves reporting??

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