Thursday, September 13, 2012

US Embassy Attacked Over Anti-Islam Film

September 13, 2012

A protester has been shot dead by police outside the US embassy in Yemen, the Reuters news service has reported.

Up to 5,000 protesters stormed the US compound in Sanaa as anger about an anti-Muslim film spreads in the Middle East.

Hundreds got past two police barricades and managed to get through the main gate into the compound. They were then driven back by security forces firing weapons into the air.

It comes as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sharpened her criticism of the anti-Islam video that provoked the protests, calling it "disgusting and reprehensible".

She said that it is a cynical attempt to offend people for their religious beliefs, but added that it does not justify violence.

TV pictures showed the gate at the embassy in Yemen being pulled down and smoke rising from inside the complex.

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