Monday, September 10, 2012

War Crime: Syria Terrorists Blow Up Hospital And Brag About It

Alexander Higgins


September 7, 2012

US backed terrorists operating in Syria have posted a video online showing the bombing of a hospital in violation of international law.

The UK’s Telegraph has posted a video showing Saudi Arabia’s Salafit Terrorists blowing up a hospital in Syria.

Such attacks on hospitals, ambulances, doctors and first responders are all war crimes under international law as is the murder of the innocent civilians who were in the hospital at the time.

Ever wonder why these international war crimes laws are constantly violated by the US, its NATO allies and the proxy terrorists cells they run through Saudi Arabia?

They are only in place to put severely hinder the self-defense capabilities of the targets of their imperialistic agenda.

For example Syria terrorists are smuggling weapons and driving around under the cover of UK ambulances.
Here’s the video from the Telegraph.

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