Thursday, October 4, 2012

Emergency Call for a United Front Against Austerity

Webster Griffin Tarpley
October 4, 2012

No matter whether Obama or Romney wins the coming presidential election, American working people will face a savage assault on their economic rights starting after the vote. The asset stripper Romney and his sidekick Ryan have openly demanded the shredding of the existing social safety net, while channeling the proceeds to parasitical bankers and hedge fund operators. Obama, using his usual method of deception, has signaled more discreetly his intention of using the hysteria around the alleged Fiscal Cliff to seal a Grand Bargain with the reactionary Republicans at the expense of the American people during the December lame duck session of Congress.

Austerity and Sacrifice Spell Genocide Against Americans

In reality, any demand for more austerity, sacrifice, or cuts in social services on the part of the American people amounts to a demand for genocide — a Nuremberg crime. Real unemployment is now in excess of 30 million people in the United States . Over 50 million people are in the most extreme poverty, with no job, no unemployment benefits, no welfare system, no health care, and only a meager allotment of food stamps to stay alive. And Republicans and Democrats agree that food stamps will be next to go! Other families are facing foreclosures by corrupt robo-judges and robo-signers, as the American middle class is crushed under $1 trillion of student loan debt and $1 trillion of high interest credit card debt. All of this follows a secular decline of almost two thirds in the American standard of living over the last four decades.

Who Will Pay for the World Depression?

As a result of globalization and the world derivatives panic of 2008, the United States and the world are gripped by an economic depression more destructive than that of the 1930s. The central political question today is: Who will pay for this depression? The class warriors of Wall Street want working people, the middle class, and the poor to foot the bill. But justice and economic survival demand that the costs of the Depression be borne by the zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas who were responsible for the crisis in the first place.

Class Defense Needed

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