Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi-tech CCTV can recognise faces from half a mile away

The Telegraph
October 3, 2012

[...] It is so intrusive that Britain may be in breach of human rights laws, he warned, and most people are ignorant of how sophisticated technology has become.

“The technology has overtaken our ability to regulate it,” [Andrew Rennisen, former police officer] said.

“”I’m convinced that if we don’t regulate it properly – ie the technological ability to use millions of images we capture – there will be a huge public backlash. It is the Big Brother scenario playing out large. It’s the ability to pick out your face in a crowd from a camera which is probably half a mile away.”

[...] He added cameras were now “storing all the images they record … and the capability is there to run your image against a database of wanted people.”

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