Monday, October 1, 2012

Oligarchical collectivism and the four steps to learning politics

Ethan Indigo Smith
Activist Post
October 1, 2012
The status quo of Oligarchical Collectivism, Arthur Young’s Learning Process and application of Lord Acton’s Rule.

It’s a mad world. It’s a world immersed in oligarchical collectivism. George Orwell coined the term which describes exactly the state of the world today. An oligarchy is an institution by the few. Collectivism occurs when like systems or beings or in this case institutions link together. The world functions on oligarchical collectivism. Oligarchical collectivism can be abstractly depicted as a pyramid made up of many blocks, with fewer and fewer controlling aspects above.

The linking of institutions in the form of oligarchical collectivism, as George Orwell so accurately called it, is the predicament of the status quo. Oligarchical collectivism is at the root of all the world’s problems. Abstractly, the collective of oligarchies becomes concerned with the institutions that the pyramid is made of and not the individuals the pyramid is supposedly built for.

Concretely the problem can be seen in a healthcare system which props up insurance and pharmaceutical industries. And in a martial and war practices which run the planet. And even in the austerity measures where the concern for individuals is second to the concern for institutions.

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