Friday, October 5, 2012

Presidential candidates debate while Rome burns

Jon Rappoport
Oct 5, 2012

Since these two guys are actors, can’t they get better actors to debate? Since these two guys are gangsters, can’t they get Tony Soprano to square off against Sonny Corleone? That would give us some fabulous TV viewing.

I tried watching the debate. I got so bogged down in numbers I gave up.
“No, it’s not the 600 percent added on to the rebate on the other tax, it’s the minus 40 percent, and then you divide by 2, not 3. And that’s what I’ve been saying since day one.”

“Well, if you divide by 2, the figures don’t match up to what happened to my grandmother.”

The postmortem media reaction was, of course, all about performance. The pundits were schoolteachers in a public speaking class.

“You looked down at the podium. You didn’t stand straight. You were slumping. You have to keep your shoulders back and your head level. Try to smile more. Never look at your hands. The moderator is your friend. Don’t interrupt him…”

The country is falling apart, the economy is taking hits from all sides, the food supply is brimming with GMOs, the US is fighting covert wars all over the Middle East, crime in the streets is spreading, the surveillance state is recording everything that moves, the Fed is printing money like it’s toilet paper, but…Obama kept looking down at the podium, that’s the takeaway from the debate.

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