Thursday, May 9, 2013

South Carolina Volunteers Service to the Police State by Becoming Drone Test Site

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
April 30, 2013

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While drones have become a controversial topic amongst some segments of the population – minus the intellectually “out for lunch” majority of course – both the Federal and State governments all across the country are gearing up to not only legalize and facilitate the domestic use of drones for police purposes but many are now volunteering to offer their services for such programs.

Among close to three dozen states who are trading their rights, sovereignty, and pride for . . . well . . . whatever they believe they will gain . . . is, typically, South Carolina, which is now openly announcing its desire to become a “drone testing site” if local media reports are to be believed.

The issue arises out of reports that the Federal Aviation Administration is planning to use six different locations to test the ability of drones to operate in different environments and to determine how best to integrate drones into the national airspace.

According to a report by the Associated Press which was rapidly reprinted in the majority of South Carolina local media outlets, FAA Spokesman Les Dorr stated that “the agency cannot reveal the identities of the 50 applicants for testing, or how many applicants each state has.”

Although it is true that some South Carolina lawmakers have expressed concern over the domestic use of drones with some even having submitted legislation designed to prevent it, the fact is that the South Carolina legislature, executive branch, and, of course, the corporate sector, are clearly in favor of partnering with the establishment of the most sophisticated police state in world history to the obvious detriment of their own citizens, constituents, and even their own authority and power.

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