Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Proven Reasons to Stop Trusting the Government Right Now

Anthony Gucciardi
Story Leak
June 19, 2013

From injecting citizens with plutonium just to see what happens to funneling your taxpayer dollars into mega banks that fund the illegal drug trade, here’s 5 openly admitted and proven reasons not to trust the United States government.


I write a lot about our disappearing civil liberties and the flagrant abuse of the Constitution by corrupt politicians, but the disturbing reality is that the crimes against the people at the hands of the United States government go much deeper. Coming from a long line of horrific human experimentation carried out by government heads, one of the most appalling acts centered around the injection of plutonium into unknowing citizens of the United States. Yes, the very people that politicians are supposed to ‘protect’.
What’s most nefarious, and I mean downright out of the pits of Satan, is that they carried out the injections on people who were seeking treatment in the hospital for broken bones and certain diseases. One example is a nuclear facility employee Ebb Cade, who went into the hospital with a broken arm and leg seeking treatment after he had some form of an accident. Doctors at the hospital, as instructed by the government, secretly injected the fifty-three-year-old man with 4.7 micrograms of plutonium on April 10th of 1945.

After injecting the innocent man who suffered from broken bones, they watched as Cade was blasted with extreme amounts of Plutonium. But that’s not all. Afterwards, they cut out a piece of his bone for sampling, pulled fifteen teeth in order to test the effects, and the torture was so bad that Cade escaped the hospital in the middle of the night. And while he did escape from the prolonged torture that was being directed from the US government, he eventually died of heart failure several years after the harsh experiments that left him with devastated health.

Cade was not the only victim. And it’s all openly admitted in released information. This is not conspiracy theory, the United States government authorized this and are likely conducting similar and far worse operations today. There is a deep history of medical testing by the US government, including one Obama was somewhat recently forced to go public over surrounding the purposeful infection of hundreds in Guatemala with sexually-transmitted diseases.

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