Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did Israel Attack Syria Again?

Strike on advanced weapons shipment threatens huge escalation of conflict

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
June 17, 2013

The IDF is refusing to comment on reports that Israel attacked the Al-Miza military airbase near Damascus last night, which if true could lead to a Syrian response and a massive escalation of the 27 month conflict.

Did Israel Attack Syria Again? 170613israel
Image: Wikimedia Commons

A Syrian television station sympathetic to anti-Assad rebels reported that Israel was responsible for the strike on a facility west of Damascus, which targeted advanced weapons and radar systems.

“Eyewitnesses said that the explosions were large and that neither the Assad regime nor the rebels had the capability to create explosions of such a magnitude,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

“My house overlooks the airport. At a certain point we saw armored vehicles enter the airport,” an opposition source told YNet News. “They were probably equipped with mobile radar systems. Then we heard the sound of a missile striking the vehicles. It was the same sound we heard in Mount Qasioun (site of the alleged airstrike in May).”

“The explosion was like a volcano. The flames reached the sky. The sound was the same one that was heard in Qasioun,” added another eyewitness.

Other reports claimed that the attack was a result of a car bomb carried out by rebels, an explanation embraced by the Assad government.

Israel’s policy after it carried out previous attacks on Syria is to neither confirm or deny involvement.
If Israel’s complicity in the attack is confirmed, it could prompt a Syrian response that would serve to pour fuel on the fire of a conflict already rocked by news last week that the United States will formally seek to arm opposition rebels despite their close ties with Al-Qaeda.