Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Humanity Roars Like Lions Caged Inside the Agenda 21 Matrix

Ginger Jane Hammack
Activist Post

This cage has had societies under a spell for decades. The light from the lamp post is softly glowing. We've been starring at it for years. Our feet wet from random sprayings through the bars. Our spirits have been provoked to hunt inner truth and we wait.

While opening the King James Bible and turning to Proverbs 28:1 the most inspirational verse reads, "The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion." While it is daunting to wake up the caged, I'm encouraged somehow to show them they can be bold as lions.

With 6% of the earth's land identified as a Jungle, it is clear that humanity is living a bleak, struggling, unknown existence in the modern day Concrete Jungles, across the globe. As the people feel the snap of the whip across their backs; struggling to make ends meet, rushing to work, to love. The backs of a chaotic society in the concrete jungle bleed. The whip is wicked. It's invisible. So is the blood shed in many instances. It's become an invisible hell for many whom grown so accustomed to sights, smells of this jungle. They no longer grieve for that which they see.

It all began some decades back when wicked men sat down with wicked men in Rio De Janeiro in 1992. During the Earth Summit the birth of Agenda 21 blossomed. 178 nations signed on to the implementation of Agenda 21. Included in this wolf pack of tyranny giants is former President George Bush (Senior) and all Presidents to follow.