Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lawless NSA Global Spying

Stephen Lendman

NSA is one of 16 known US spy agencies. Perhaps others operate secretly. Black budgets conceal what's spent. Amounts are enormous. They're unconscionable.

Used responsibly, they'd relieve hunger, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, and educate young people hungry for knowledge.

Out-of-control, unregulated, unmonitored practices operate lawlessly. Enormous harm results. Rogue states operate that way.

On June 1, 1952, Harry Truman authorized NSA. On October 24, revised National Security Council Intelligence Directive (NSCID) 9 followed. On November 4, 1952, NSA was established.

In 1957, its existence was briefly mentioned in the US Government Organization Manual. It called NSA:
a separately organized agency within the Department of Defense under the direction, authority, and control of the Secretary of Defense for the performance of highly specialized technical functions in support of the intelligence activities of the United States.
It's headquartered at Fort Meade, MD. It's operations are highly classified. General Keith Alexander heads them. Spies "R" Us, defines them.