Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mayoral Hopefuls Ditch Kids at Youth Debate

May 30, 2013,
Last night, more than half of the six New York City mayoral candidates who participated in the city’s first youth-led mayoral forum left after the second question.

Republican John Catsimatidis made his opening statements in which he introduced himself as an “immigrant and among the top businessmen in America,” making it known that he doesn’t need tax payer money to run for office. Then he left the Hunter College event.

City Comptroller John Liu, a Democrat, arrived five minutes into the other candidates’ opening remarks. He said youth need a “school system that is run less like a corporation and more like a place that values higher learning.”

He departed next, followed by Erick Salgado and Sal Albanese.

By the end of the second question on drop-out rates, the five teen moderators outnumbered the remaining candidates on stage: Adolfo Carrion and Randy Credico, who had removed their jackets and rolled up their sleeves at that point.

“Tell [the forum] I’m not gonna make it,” Credico said to Albanese. “I’d rather be here.” With this, the 100 or so youth in the audience erupted in cheers.

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