Thursday, June 20, 2013

Russia Probes Blasts at Depot Storing ‘Millions’ of Shells

RIA Novosti
June 19, 2013

Russian investigators have launched a probe into multiple explosions that have rocked an ammunition depot in central Russia believed to be storing millions of shells.

The fire at the ammunition testing site near the city of Chapaevsk, in Russia’s Samara Region, broke out late Tuesday, followed by a series of explosions that have ripped through the area, sending shrapnel flying over a distance of up to a kilometer from the site.

The Russian Investigative Committee said on Wednesday that the depot housed “some 18 million shells” of various calibers, according to preliminary reports. Nearly 6,000 of these rounds were 122-mm artillery shells, the Emergencies Ministry said earlier.

The blasts at the ammunition depot had stopped by midday Wednesday (Moscow time), investigators said. The Emergencies Ministry earlier said that in the worst case scenario, the fire could continue for two or three days.

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