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New York Mayoralty: Weiner Voted for Iraq War, Bailout, Patriot Act; Now Revealed as Hopeless Psychopath; Race Up for Grabs as Credico Gains

Webster G. Tarpley on INN World Report Radio with Tom Kiely
I.N.N.I.N.N. World Report
July 26, 2013



Man Gets His Face Stomped In By LAPD for Riding His Bike Without Lights

John Galt
Activist Post

The Los Angeles Police Department has a record far longer than some of the world's most hardened criminals. After all, it was the LAPD who gave Chris Dorner a trial by fire and many others a trial by machine gun. But those individuals provoked the police, right? Deserved what they got. Well, in the latest case, it appears that the LAPD also likes to brutalize people who are riding their bicycle after dark without having their lights on.

34-year-old Brian Cisneros was riding his bicycle to work after dark when he was confronted by police. His description indicates that there was not even a conversation that took place before the police pounced:

Myrtle Beach Outlaws Feeding the Homeless on Public AND Private Property

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 30, 2013

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is widely known as a growing city due to its popular beaches and an economy geared toward the attraction of tourists, golfers, and vacationers. Any such community, of course, is naturally going to compete with other geographically similar locations. Thus, not to be outdone by other beach communities such as Orlando, Florida,[1] Myrtle Beach has now followed suit in banning good Samaritans from engaging in such charitable acts as feeding the homeless.[2]

In yet one more example of just how far the Nanny police state complex and the nightmare of overwhelming bureaucracy have become, not only has Myrtle Beach outlawed the use of public parks to feed those in need, frothing bureaucrats have also been instrumental in preventing these people from feeding the homeless on their own private property or even in churches.

Military judge set to rule in Bradley Manning case

July 30, 2013

A military judge is set to issue a verdict in the court martial of the US soldier who disclosed reams of secret documents to the Wikileaks website.

Pte Bradley Manning, 25, will hear Judge Col Denise Lind’s ruling at 13:00 local time (17:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

Pte Manning has acknowledged leaking the documents but denies the most serious charge of “aiding the enemy”.

He has already pleaded guilty to 10 lesser charges out of 22 total, and faces life in prison if convicted.

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Get Ready for the All-Hail-Hillary Movies

John Fund
National Review Online
July 29, 2013

I wasn’t surprised to learn that sometime before the 2016 election, NBC will be releasing a four-hour miniseries about Hillary Clinton starring Academy Award nominee Diane Lane.

What did surprise me was that the series will cover none of her life before the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which took place five years into her husband’s second term as president and when Hillary was already 51 years old.

It’s as if her first half-century will be airbrushed away, along with the many scandals that dogged her in those decades.

While the series will still have a lot of ground to cover — impeachment and the “vast right-wing conspiracy” she suspected, her successful 2000 Senate race, her loss to Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries, her time as secretary of state and her role in the Benghazi debacle — it’s striking that so much rich material will be excluded even before footage is discarded on the cutting-room floor.

Just consider what we’ll be missing.

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The Trickle Down Economy


EPA Documents Show U.S. Goal to Harmonize with Codex Alimentarius

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In many of the articles I have written regarding Codex Alimentarius, as well as in my book Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom, I have mentioned the stated goals of Codex Alimentarius, national governments and, hence, government agencies to harmonize domestic laws, regulations, and policies as the Codex guidelines are established.

Yet, while some may doubt the veracity of this claim, it can be no clearer than the statement provided by the EPA in their own Reregistration for Eligibility Decision documents for pesticides that harmonization with Codex guidelines is the intention of the U.S. government.

Although virtually all of the Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents contain essentially the same prescripts and tangential information, one need only to take a look at one of the documents – the document dealing with Acephate for the purposes of this article – to locate the statement of purpose to harmonize Codex guidelines and those of the EPA. It says,

Monday, July 29, 2013

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project At Major University

image source
Activist Post

What if the government could change people's moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people's brains?

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this.

Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

The program, conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication, is based at Arizona State University. The DARPA funding for this project can be confirmed on the ASU website here. The head of the project, Steve Corman, has worked extensively in the area of strategic communication as it applies to terrorism and "extremism" - or what could be called "the war of ideas."

Corman's  latest project Narrating The Exit From Afghanistan and his many presentations make it quite obvious that the mission is to shape the narrative and literally change people's minds. Lest one believe it will be contained to overseas extremists, we should keep in mind that the word extremist is increasingly used domestically. The dissenters of yesterday could easily become the terrorist sympathizers and supporters of political violence tomorrow.
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Death Toll Rises in Syria: United Nations

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 25, 2013

In yet one more example of the tragic nature of the Anglo-American destabilization campaign[1] against Syria, United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon has raised the official death toll in Syria to 100,000 from the previous number of 93,000 which was established last month.[2]

Ki-moon called on both the Syrian government and the foreign-backed death squads[3] to halt the violence and has issued calls for a peace conference in Geneva “as soon as possible.”[4]

Ironically, Ki-moon made these statements just before talks with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who was standing nearby as the UN Secretary made his remarks. Kerry then stated that he had spoken with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday and that both Russia and the United States were committed to bringing peace to Syria.[5]

Both the United States and Russia are attempting to convene a peace conference in Geneva along with the United Nations in order to discuss the formation of a “transitional government.” Russia agreed to call for such a government in mid-June 2013. Russian President Putin then signed a statement at the G8 summit which called for “a transitional governing body with full executive powers, formed by mutual consent.” The statement, however, stopped short of calling for Assad to step down, a fact that sent warmongers such as David Cameron into fits of rage.[6]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tarpley at New York Left Forum: The Syrian War Emergency of 2013 and The Mass Strike Movement of 2014-2015

Bulgarian protesters lay siege to parliament in Sofia

Demonstrations in Sofia form part of wave of street political campaigning in Turkey and the Balkans
Ian Traynor
The Guardian

Six weeks of largely peaceful anti-government protests in Bulgaria turned violent on Wednesday when demonstrators laid siege to parliament, threw stones and clashed with police evacuating the building.

For more than 40 days, thousands of mainly young middle-class protesters in the capital Sofia have been venting their disgust with a political class seen as corrupt and ineffectual and demanding the resignation of a government only months old.

Parliament in Sofia remained closed and under heavy police guard on Wednesday, following hours of siege by demonstrators who tore up pavements to build barricades blocking all the exits from the building.

Around 100 MPs and parliamentary staff were trapped inside until police intervened to evacuate them on buses around 3am. Some 20 were injured in clashes.

"Police reacted very adequately, policemen did their job perfectly although protesters behaved extremely aggressively," said the interior minister, Tsvetlin Yovchev.

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Bulgarian Police Break Up Protesters’ Blockade of Parliament

Dan Bilefsky, Matthew Brunwasser, and Georgi Kantchev
New York Times

PARIS — The Bulgarian police ended a blockade of Parliament on Wednesday that had trapped about a hundred lawmakers and ministers inside the building for more than eight hours as protesters vented their frustration with poor governance and rampant corruption and called for the center-left government to step down.

Seized by a spirit of popular dissent that has recently galvanized people from the squares of Istanbul to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, thousands of mostly young and educated Bulgarians have demonstrated over the past 40 days in Sofia, the country’s capital, demanding better democracy and new elections in what had been largely peaceful rallies. 

But Marina Karakonova, a protester and freelance journalist, said the protesters had lost patience. “The gentleman’s agreement between protesters and police is broken,” she said. “There is no trust.” 

Demonstrators threw bottles and stones at a bus that the police were using to evacuate the officials early Wednesday, witnesses said. Protesters then used garbage cans to build barricades. 

Witnesses described an indiscriminate police response in an “unnecessary, poorly planned and provocative action,” according to a report by the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, a human rights organization based in Sofia. It said dozens of people had been beaten or manhandled by officers. Reuters reported that 20 protesters were treat

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Bulgaria Anticorruption Protests Turn Violent

 Sean Carney
Wall Street Journal

SOFIA—Weeks of daily anticorruption demonstrations in Bulgaria turned violent Tuesday, adding to pressure on the country's new prime minister hours after he had brushed off calls from protesters to step down.

A group of unidentified activists broke off from the main protest outside the Parliament around midnight and began throwing stones, smashing some car windows, according to a police officer at the scene who declined to give his name.

A protest organizer said 10 people were injured, none seriously. About 100 people were stuck inside the building late Tuesday, prevented from leaving by the activists.

On Wednesday morning, police said they escorted out those who had been trapped overnight.

Barricades set up by protesters were removed and the streets were cleared of garbage. Protests planned for Wednesday morning, which organizers said would reach 5,000 people, had not yet materialized, with only around 100 people still demonstrating outside the building.

Tuesday was the first time the protests, which were in their 40th day, had become violent. Similar street demonstrations had caused the previous government to collapse last spring.

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Forbes Reporter Gets His Car Hacked to Prove How Easy it Is

Medicinal Cannabis Used To Prevent Cancer Growth

Using fake names on Facebook, the Surveillance State, androids

Anthony Freda Art
Jon Rappoport
Activist Post

File this one in the ever-burgeoning category of: how insane can legislators get?

Congress is now debating an update to the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Turns out it’s already a misdemeanor to “exceed authorized use” of a computer, but the DOJ wants to make it a felony.

Of course, what does “exceeds authorized use” mean? Well, it means, for instance, an employee sending emails to pals while he’s at the office—because his employer has a rule against that.

In other words, the feds want to back up employers’ rules and turn them into felonies. Splendid.
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Federal government going after master encryption keys from Internet companies for easier spying

Madison Ruppert
End The Lie

According to a new report, the U.S. government is demanding the master encryption keys that are used by Internet companies to protect the private communications of countless users from government surveillance.

A recent government report revealed that encryption actually thwarted attempted wiretaps for the first time on record, which makes it all the more understandable that the government would now be attempting to break through any and all methods of encryption.

The demands for these master encryption keys have not been disclosed previously, according to Declan McCullagh, the journalist who broke the story for CNET.

The State of the Union

Dave Hodges
Activist Post

The illusion of normalcy is almost in the rear view mirror with regard to our previous way of life in the United States. Even those who have the most virulent cases of normalcy bias, will soon be beyond their self-deluded ability to deny what has happened to our once great country.

Congratulations to those that have awakened, see the hopelessness of our collective situation, and I want to extend my best wishes to the smart ones who are leaving our lawless country in record numbers.

If you are thinking about leaving the country, you should know that the new immigration bill even has an “Iron Curtain” provision which tries to make it very difficult for the disenfranchised, the exploited middle class and the liberty lovers from exiting the country. Even my friends in foreign countries cannot believe that we have not already revolted against this tyrannical and out-of-control government.

Lindsey Graham Wants Attack on Iran by October

Lindsey Graham Wants Attack on Iran by October 250713lindsey
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Senator being blackmailed once again?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
July 25, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham has vowed to introduce legislation in September or October to authorize a military attack on Iran.

“If nothing changes in Iran, come September, October, I will present a resolution that will authorize the use of military force to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb,” Graham told a “cheering” audience at a meeting of the Christians United for Israel organization.

“The only way to convince Iran to halt their nuclear program is to make it clear that we will take it out,” he added.
Graham made the threat despite the fact that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be replaced by Hasan Rouhani on August 4th, who is seen by many as a more moderate leader.
“The U.S. is no position to further extend its presence overseas, especially since Congress approved Obama’s initiative to support Syrian rebels by sending arms, ammunition, and perhaps anti-tank weaponry,” reports PolicyMic. “The U.S. is already indirectly dedicating resources to opposing Iran since they are supporting al-Assad’s forces, along with aid from Hezbollah. Potentially, if Graham’s initiative passes through Congress, both nations could end up preemptively clashing on Syria’s battleground. This would be a terrible outcome for the U.S., considering the significant amount of manpower and resources already allocated abroad and pressing economic issues at home.”

License Plate Scanning Cameras Ruled Illegal in Britain

UK Daily Mail
July 25, 2013

Police could be forced drastically to scale back their use of ‘Big Brother’ road cameras which record the movements of millions of motorists every day.

In a landmark ruling, the privacy watchdog declared that a ring of cameras installed around the quiet market town of Royston in Hertfordshire was unlawful and excessive.

Privacy campaigners said yesterday’s ruling would affect every police force in the country and would make them carry out a full audit of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, a network of 10,000 cameras across the UK.

Every day, these record the detailed movements of some 16million motorists. The cameras record the number plate of every vehicle that passes.

Full article here

These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance

Zero Hedge
July 25, 2013

Presenting the full roll call breakdown of the Amash Amendment (as described previously) to shutter the NSA’s surveillance function.

These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance Roll%20Call 0

First the Ayes, or those who voted to end the NSA’s surveillance activity. Republicans in roman, Democrats in italic, Independents underlined.

These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance AYES 0

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The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth

Paul Craig Roberts
Prison Planet.com
July 25, 2013

Amitai Etzioni has raised an important question: “Who authorized preparations for war with China?”. Etzioni says that the war plan is not the sort of contingency plan that might be on hand for an improbable event. Etzioni also reports that the Pentagon’s war plan was not ordered by, and has not been reviewed by, US civilian authorities. We are confronted with a neoconized US military out of control endangering Americans and the rest of the world.

Etzioni is correct that this is a momentous decision made by a neoconized military. China is obviously aware that Washington is preparing for war with China. If the Yale Journal knows it, China knows it. If the Chinese government is realistic, the government is aware that Washington is planning a pre-emptive nuclear attack against China. No other kind of war makes any sense from Washington’s standpoint. The “superpower” was never able to occupy Baghdad, and after 11 years of war has been defeated in Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban. It would be curtains for Washington to get into a conventional war with China.

When China was a primitive third world country, it fought the US military to a stalemate in Korea. Today China has the world’s second largest economy and is rapidly overtaking the failing US economy destroyed by jobs offshoring, bankster fraud, and corporate and congressional treason.

The Pentagon’s war plan for China is called “AirSea Battle.” The plan describes itself as “interoperable air and naval forces that can execute networked, integrated attacks-in-depth to disrupt, destroy, and defeat enemy anti-access area denial capabilities.”

Yes, what does that mean? It means many billions of dollars of more profits for the military/security complex while the 99 percent are ground under the boot. It is also clear that this nonsensical jargon cannot defeat a Chinese army. But this kind of saber-rattling can lead to war, and if the Washington morons get a war going, the only way Washington can prevail is with nuclear weapons. The radiation, of course, will kill Americans as well.

Nuclear war is on Washington’s agenda. The rise of the Neocon Nazis has negated the nuclear disarmament agreements that Reagan and Gorbachev made. The extraordinary, mainly truthful 2012 book, The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, describes the post-Reagan breakout of preemptive nuclear attack as Washington’s first option.

During the Cold War nuclear weapons had a defensive purpose. The purpose was to prevent nuclear war by the US and USSR each having sufficient retaliatory power to ensure “mutually assured destruction.” MAD, as it was known, meant that nuclear weapons had no offensive advantage for either side.

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Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

Tracy Oppenheimer 
July 25, 2013

Auburn, Alabama is home to sprawling plains, Auburn University, and a troubling police force. After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse.

“When I first heard about the quotas I was appalled,” says former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners, who claims he and other cops were given directives to hassle, ticket, or arrest specific numbers of residents per shift. “I got into law enforcement to serve and protect, not be a bully.”

Hanners blew the whistle on the department’s tactics and was eventually fired for refusing to comply and keep quiet. He says that each officer was required to make 100 contacts each month, which included tickets, arrests, field interviews, and warnings. This equates to 72,000 contacts a year in a 50,000 person town. His claims are backed up by audio recordings of his superiors he made. The Auburn police department declined requests to be interviewed for this story.

“There are not that many speeders, there are not that many people running red lights to get those numbers, so what [the police] do is they lower their standards,” says Hanners. That led to the department encouraging officers to arrest people that Hanners “didn’t feel like had broken the law.”

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Canadian Health Authorities Ask ABC to Reconsider Jenny McCarthy

Toronto Public Health believes The View’s new host will spread inaccurate information

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
July 24, 2013

As actress, model and devoted mother Jenny McCarthy prepares to join the cast of ABC’s morning daily show The View, she’s finding herself weathering criticism from, of all people, Canadian health authorities.

Toronto Public Health (TPH) is not concerned that her salacious past may set the wrong example for children – McCarthy is a former Playboy model – but rather, that given her staunch disapproval of vaccines, providing her with a national platform could possibly influence mothers to follow her lead, a move which would undoubtedly burn a sizable hole in Big Pharma’s pockets.

On Monday, TPH expressed concern through Twitter that ABC’s new appointment may inspire mothers to ditch vaccines due to their reported correlation with childhood autism.

Shortly after the tweet went out, a press conference was held where TPH’s assistant medical officer Barbara Yaffe expounded on why giving McCarthy the spot would be a bad move.

“We have had a lot of inquiries about the possibility that The View TV program may be advancing inaccurate information about immunizations,” Yaffe stated.

The absurdity of a foreign health authority wasting taxpayer money by launching an aggressive campaign against an American television show was not lost on Toronto city councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong.

“They clearly have too much time on their hands… [TPH should be concerned with] health issues in the city of Toronto that need serious action and consideration rather than starting campaigns against American television programs,” Minnan-Wong stated according to the Toronto Star.

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SEAL Team 6 Families Force Congress To Investigate Mysterious Chopper Crash

Pentagon cremated soldiers bodies; claims black box washed away in flash flood

Steve Watson
July 24, 2013

Led by firebrand Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Congress is to launch an official investigation into the mysterious helicopter crash that killed several members of the Navy SEAL team 6 in Afghanistan in 2011.
Back in May, the families of the SEALs went public with concerns that the Obama administration was at least partially responsible for the deaths of their sons.

In recent months some of the family members have spoken out in the media regarding what they believe is a cover up over the helicopter crash.
The family members say that they still have not received satisfactory answers to their questions, and that there are still many inconsistencies and contradictions in the explanations they have been provided.
“We’re going to dive into this.” said Chaffetz, who is acting in his position as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security.

30 Americans were killed in the crash on August 6, 2011 when insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter during fighting in eastern Afghanistan, making it the largest loss of life in a single incident for the U.S. military during the war. 22 of the victims belonged to the same unit as the Navy SEALS involved in the purported Osama Bin Laden operation, just three months earlier.

US military officials have maintained that none of the individuals involved directly in the Bin Laden mission were killed in the crash. However, sources have claimed that there were at least two SEALs who died on the chopper who had been involved in the Bin Laden raid.

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The West should prepare for Assad’s victory in Syria

Con Coughlin
London Telegraph
July 25, 2013

This morning’s report that hundreds of former Syrian rebels are laying down their arms and taking up the government’s offer of an amnesty is further evidence of what I have been saying (and writing) for months: President Bashar al-Assad is winning Syria’s brutal civil war.

Ever since Assad’s forces turned the tide of the conflict by retaking the strategically important town of Qusayr on the Lebanese border earlier in the summer, there has been an almost immutable momentum building in favour of the regime gaining the upper hand in the conflict.

A combination of the deep divisions with the rebel ranks, with the Syrian Free Forces declaring war on their al-Qaeda allies (a civil war within a civil war), together with the tangible support Assad has received from his Iranian and Russian allies, means that the rebel cause is now all but lost. No wonder some of the rebels have decided they are fighting for a lost cause, and have decided it is no longer worth risking their lives.

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$1,000 Fine for Flashing Headlights to Warn Motorists of Cops - Lawsuit Follows

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Did you know that you could be fined for flashing your headlights to warn other people of speed traps? Police who are hiding in wait, do not appreciate headlight whistleblowers.

This leads to the question - Is flashing your lights a part of free speech?

   Question is meaningful to Michael Elli of Missouri who did what most of us have done on the road - flashed his headlights to warn oncoming drivers of a cop waiting around the corner to catch motorists in a speed trap. In Ellisville, MO, he had no idea he was doing something "illegal."

He was surprised to receive a ticket for obstruction of justice - with it, a $1,000 fine. He fought it, calling his warning flash protected free speech. Although prosecutors dropped charges, Elli along with the ACLU filed a class action lawsuit against Ellisville for even handing out those types of tickets to begin with...

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Credico Tax Wall Street Campaign in New York City Is Key to Saving Detroit, Shutting Down GOP Saboteurs in Congress

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Webster Tarpley Program – UnboundRadio.com
July 23, 2013


Police Notify Family of Son’s Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog

Spate of similar incidents causes outrage

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
July 24, 2013

Police in Henrico County, Virginia visited a family’s home to impart the tragic news that their son had been killed in a homicide but then proceeded to shoot the family’s pet dog Tiger.

Police Notify Family of Sons Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog 240713gun
Image: Wikimedia Commons

33-year-old Ricky Ellerbe was robbed for $15 dollars and shot to death just eight blocks from his house.
When police arrived at the family home to tell them Ellerbe’s body had been found near an alley, the Ellerbe family pitbull, Tiger, ran towards one of the officers from the backyard but was almost instantly shot dead.

“They had told me my brother was dead and I’d come out back to cry on the porch and Tiger must have heard them. He ran into the front yard and the officer shot him,” LaToya Ellerbe told the News & Advance.
Henrico Police refused to comment on the incident.

The incident follows a spate of similar occurrences where police escalate already fraught situations by killing dogs in what many charge are unnecessary shootings.

In another recent incident in Ohio, police shot dead a pet wolf dog during a pursuit of a teenage suspect.
Last month, Hawthorne Police in California shot the dog of a man who was recording a police scene on his cell phone. As Leon Rosby was being arrested for “interference with officers,” his dog Max escaped from the car and ran over to the owner. Video shows the dog jumping up at a police officer – behavior which could hardly be described as an attack – but the officer shoots the dog dead as onlookers scream in horror.

Syria turning into ‘center of global jihad’ – IDF Intel Chief

July 24, 2013

Israeli Military Intelligence chief said that Syria is becoming a ‘center of global jihad’ right on Israel’s border, with extremists trying not only to topple President Bashar Assad, but also to create a state governed by the Islamic religious law.

Director of Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi warned that Syria is posing a regional threat as it attracts thousands of global jihadists and Muslim extremists from around the world.

“A center of global jihad of vast proportions is developing on our very doorstep,” Israeli media quoted Kochavi as saying. “It is liable to affect not only Syria or Israeli borders, but also the borders of Lebanon, Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula, and have implications for the region as a whole,” he said at a graduation ceremony for Military Intelligence commanding officers.

Kochavi argued that the extremists will not stop at toppling Assad, but will go further and try to establish a state based on Islamic religious law, or Sharia law.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) spokesperson Zaky Mallah’s interview with RT confirmed Kochavi’s concerns, saying that Syrian opposition is willing to accept support from anyone, be it “Bin Laden” or “Hitler”.
“The situation in Syria with the opposition is complicated. Al-Qaeda took the advantage and they thought: ‘we are going to step in’, if their own brothers are being killed by this tyrant and the world is not doing nothing about it”, Mallah said.

Some Western states, including the UK, have so far backtracked on their arms supply to the opposition – voicing concerns about the threat of extremists in Syria.

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Syria: disillusioned rebels drift back to take Assad amnesty

Ruth Sherlock
The Telegraph
July 24, 2013

Disillusioned by the Islamist twist that the “revolution” in Syria has taken, exhausted after more than two years of conflict and feeling that they are losing, growing numbers of rebels are signing up to a negotiated amnesty offered by the Assad regime.

At the same time, the families of retreating fighters have begun quietly moving back to government-controlled territory, seen as a safer place to live as the regime continues its intense military push against rebel-held areas.
The move is a sign of the growing confidence of the regime, which has established a so-called “ministry of reconciliation” with the task of easing the way for former opponents to return to the government side.

Ali Haider, the minister in charge, said: “Our message is, ‘if you really want to defend the Syrian people, put down your weapons and come and defend Syria in the right way, through dialogue’.”

Full story here.

Snowden may be granted entry to Russia Wednesday

July 24, 2013

Russia’s Immigration Service may grant entry permission to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has been stranded at a Moscow airport since last month.

Snowden, who had been living in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport since the day he arrived from Hong Kong on June 23, applied for temporary asylum in Russia last week.

His request followed weeks of searching for a way to leave the country, which he intended to pass briefly on his way to another destination and where he was stranded because the US revoked his travel passport.
It usually takes the Russian immigration authorities up to seven days for an initial assessment of an asylum request, according to Snowden’s Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucherena. If they choose to proceed with the process, Snowden would be issued provisional documents to that effect.

“When he gets those documents in his hands, he will be released from his temporary home at Sheremetyevo Airport and will be able to go freely about the Russian Federation,” explains RT’s Lindsay France, who is at the airport among the journalists waiting for the decision to be announced.
It can take up to three months to either grant or reject the asylum request. If granted, temporary asylum would allow Snowden to remain in Russia for one year and be renewed annually. If the request is rejected by the Immigration Service, Snowden may appeal the decision in court.

Earlier Kucherena said Snowden may decide to become a permanent resident in Russia rather than stay in the country seeking an opportunity to get asylum elsewhere.

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Syrian Rebels Hope for US Arms in August – Reports

RIA Novosti
July 24, 2013

Rebel forces seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad hope to receive arms from the United States as early as next month after two key US congressional committees approved the weapons shipments, according to media reports.

“We think August is the date,” The New York Times cited a Syrian opposition leader as saying in an email Monday night.

The intelligence committees in both the US Senate and House of Representatives last week signed off on the White House’s plan to allocate US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) resources to provide weapons, training, and logistics and intelligence support to the Syrian rebels, though US officials only confirmed this week that the committees had approved the program.

The exact timeline of the deliveries was not immediately clear Tuesday, but the Washington Post reported that they are set to begin in the next several weeks.

Syrian rebel supporters hope the arms shipments will begin in August and will include “a large number of small weapons,” including rifles and anti-tank weapons, Louay Sakka, co-founder of the Syrian Support Group, which backs the Free Syrian Army rebel forces, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

US Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan and head of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement Monday that the committee approved the White House’s plans for Syria despite “very strong concerns about the strength of the administration’s plans in Syria and its chances for success.

The Senate Intelligence Committee last week said it had reached a similar position as the House committee, The New York Times reported.

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Evidence Points to Federal Court Undermining Lawsuit Against BP

Dees Illustration
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 15, 2013

In early June, I wrote an article entitled, “Lawsuit Claims BP and Court Colluded to Keep Monopoly on Oil Containment Tech,”[1] where I detailed many of the claims made by Ron Johnson who sued BP for antitrust and negligence in regards to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. Johnson’s initial claims against BP were concerning enough. However, during the course of Johnson’s lawsuit and appeals process, Johnson began experiencing what he describes as clear corruption of the higher courts and collusion between these institutions and BP.

The court affair began when Johnson sued BP for negligence and antitrust for refusing to at least attempt to use his technology, the SAK-J5 and the S.O.C.K., equipment which had been tested at Ohmsett with an oil containment and recovery success rate of 100%, even after other methods had proven inadequate and BP was relying on toxic Corexit to simply hide the oil from public view. During the course of his subsequent lawsuit and appeals, Johnson claims that he experienced numerous instances of collusion between BP and the courts such as the Clerk’s Offices’ refusal to enter default against BP even after Federal court rules clearly deemed that this judgment was to be entered, attempts by the court to accommodate BP at every conceivable opportunity, tampering with confidential documents, and the denial of suits that were never signed by judges, just to name a few.

I encourage the reader to access my previous article in order to understand the background of this case.
But if the allegations made by Johnson regarding the behavior of the courts were not serious enough as revealed one month ago, Johnson is making still more claims regarding BP and US court collusion.

The additional allegations “begin” with Johnson’s filing of a Motion to Expedite due to the fact that, according to him, his case had laid dormant for over three months, with no communication or contact of any kind related to the suit. This was, he claims, despite the fact that other cases which were not of a criminal nature were placed on the court’s docket for January, 2012. Thus, Johnson filed the Motion in February, 2012, beginning the process of granting or denying his Motion which Johnson states should only have taken seven days. However, Johnson received a denial of his Motion by the court on June 1, 2012, a full three and a half months after the original Motion had been filed.
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Codex Alimentarius Permits a Wide Range of Dangerous Chemicals in Food

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
July 1, 2013

In my past few articles, I have discussed the documented adverse health effects related to pesticide use,[1] the difference between general pesticides and POPs[2] (Persistent Organic Pollutants), and the requirements that must be met [3]in order for the designation of POP to be applied to a specific pesticide.

With all of this in mind, one may be surprised that Codex Alimentarius actually allows for the presence of such dangerous chemicals in food. Before explaining this position, however, it is important to note some of the background regarding POPs, the Stockholm Convention, and, finally, the Codex Alimentarius POP guidelines themselves.

In 2001, The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants was adopted with the stated goals of eliminating or reducing the production and use of POPs. The Stockholm Convention entered into force in 2004 and is overseen by the United Nations Environment Program. The Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm Convention (COP) manages the POPs Convention with each of the members of the Stockholm Convention being the members of the COP. The function of the members of the Convention is to implement the obligations of the treaty at the national level.

Although 50 countries have ratified the treaty, the U.S. is not one of them. However, the U.S. has largely begun to implement the treaty on the national level. This has been accomplished through a series of national laws and other international agreements.

Since 1972, the United States and Canada have signed several agreements involving the removal of POPs from the Great Lakes such as the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy. The U.S. is also party to the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade with 71 other countries and the European Union.

Credico Campaign for Mayor of New York Must Become Catalyst for National Tax Wall Street Movement

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
July 20, 2013


Randy Credico on New York City Primary Ballot in Victory for Tax Wall Street Movement

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Webster Tarpley Program – UnboundRadio.com
July 16, 2013


Florida P&FP Embraces UFAA’s Emergency Economic Program

Peace and Freedom Party of Florida
By Darcy Richardson
July 15, 2013

Nationalize the Federal Reserve
Recognizing that a genuine economic recovery will only become a reality through a mass movement outside the twin, austerity-peddling parties of Wall Street, the state executive committee of the Peace & Freedom Party of Florida has voted unanimously to endorse the United Front Against Austerity’s full economic program, including the group’s emergency measures calling for a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, a freeze on foreclosures of primary residences and farms, and a moratorium on student loan payments for a period of five years or the duration of the current economic crisis.

A national Wall Street sales tax of one percent on derivatives, futures, stocks, bonds, options and other securities on U.S. exchanges, which would be shared equally between the federal government and individual states, would immediately alleviate the need for any draconian austerity measures in Washington or elsewhere while strongly discouraging the kind of reckless derivative speculation that caused the financial crisis in 2008.

A centerpiece of the UFAA’s bold and imaginative economic program calls for the nationalization of the Federal Reserve, which essentially operates as a private banking cartel. Much to the UFAA’s credit, this is the first time since the Great Depression in 1938, when the United States experienced a depression within the depression — largely the result of a deliberate “capital strike” on the part of big business — that anybody has seriously proposed nationalizing the mighty and mysterious Federal Reserve.

That year, U.S. Rep. Maury Maverick of Texas drafted legislation to do precisely that. The colorful Texan even found 33 co-sponsors for his innovative proposal, all young and idealistic progressive lawmakers hoping to expand the New Deal, but his bill — vehemently opposed by Wall Street — was eventually killed in committee.

Gov. Philip La Follette of Wisconsin, the son of “Fighting Bob” La Follette, advocated exactly the same thing a few months later in launching the National Progressives of America, but the idea of nationalizing the Fed died along with his short-lived attempt to organize a national third-party movement that year.

Things could be different this time. After all, the secrets of the temple have long been exposed.

If the Federal Reserve, through its alphabet soup of lending facilities (the PCDF, TAF, TALF, TSLF, etc.) can shovel $29.6 trillion into the global financial markets between late 2007 and September of 2011 — propping up the “too big to fail” banks that caused the 2008 financial meltdown in the first place while essentially enabling the affluent in the U.S. and elsewhere to not only quickly recoup all of their losses, but to subsequently prosper beyond their wildest dreams — then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be put to work for the benefit of ordinary working people.

If the Fed is willing to provide steeply discounted credit to the large “zombie banks” that caused the country’s economic mess, then it ought to be willing to provide the same sort of cheap federal credit to the struggling victims of this seemingly never-ending economic crisis of Wall Street’s making.

Federal credit policy must be geared toward achieving full employment.


As such, the UFAA has proposed the issuance of interest-free Fed “Century Bonds” with a coupon rate of zero percent and 100-year maturities to help state and local governments finance the rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructure while putting millions of Americans back to work at decent, union-scale wages.

Florida, which currently has 262 structurally-deficient bridges and another 1,764 that are considered “functionally obsolete,” will need more than $32.4 billion in wastewater and drinking water infrastructure improvements over the next two decades, according to a report issued earlier this year by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The UFAA’s economic program also calls for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, separating traditional commercial banking from investment banking and insurance, and demands federal anti-usury legislation capping interest rates at a maximum of 10%, including credit cards and payday loans.

In addition to advocating agricultural parity and a 10% protective tariff on foreign goods, the UFAA also calls for strengthening Social Security and the nation’s social safety net, including the adoption of a “Medicare for All” health care program, funded through a modest and progressive payroll tax and supplemented by revenue raised from a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax.

While supporting the idea of full and free public education at all levels as a desirable long-term goal, the Peace & Freedom Party of Florida also endorsed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act,” another idea championed by the nascent UFAA. Warren’s radically refreshing legislation, amounting to a partial nationalization of the Federal Reserve, mandates the Fed to finance student loans at 0.75% — the same discount rate enjoyed by the nation’s financial institutions responsible for the current economic crisis.

Founded in New York City last October, the UFAA is hoping other left-wing and center-left parties across the country will join its united front against the Wall Street wizards who nearly destroyed the American economy five years ago and their mean-spirited austerity agents in Goldman Sachs-occupied Washington.

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D. The Black Tower Show – 1310 AM WRSB Canandaigua, NY July 13, 2013

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Black Tower Show – 1310 AM WRSB Canandaigua, NY
July 13, 2013


Terrorist Fratricide: “Free Syrian Army” Battles “Islamic Emirate of Iraq and Levant”; US Congress Must Deny Funding to Syrian Rebellion

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
July 13, 2013


Countercoup by Egyptian Military Blocks Bid by Morsi, Moslem Brotherhood to Usurp War Powers Vs Syria, Ethiopia

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Webster Tarpley Program – UnboundRadio.com
July 9, 2013


Morsi Ousted by Generals to Stop His Plan for Sending the Egyptian Military to Attack Syria’s Assad

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
July 9, 2013

Tarpley PressTV Article
Convincing evidence suggests that Egypt’s President Mohammad Morsi was ousted from power in a military coup in part because the Egyptian army feared he was plotting to order them to invade Syria in support of the embattled death squad insurgency against the Assad government there.

The combination of Morsi’s aggressive designs against Syria, together with some trial balloons from presidential circles about a possible conflict with Ethiopia, plus the massive anti-Morsi demonstrations organized by the National Salvation Front and the Tamarod movement, convinced military leaders that the incompetent and erratic Morsi, who had destroyed his own popularity by selling out to the demands of the International Monetary Fund last November, represented an intolerable risk for Egypt.

According to the Washington Post, the dissatisfaction of the Egyptian military with Morsi “peaked in June, when Morsi stood by twice as officials around him called for Egyptian aggression against Ethiopia and Syria, threatening to suck Egypt into conflicts that it could ill afford, former military officials said.” (Michael Birnbaum, “Protests Were the Catalyst for Military’s Move against Morsi,” Washington Post, July 6, 2013)
Morsi’s call for Holy War against Assad came just three days after US Secretary of State John Kerry, at a meeting of the Principals’ Committee of the US Government, tried to ram through an immediate bombing campaign against Damascus, but had to settle for the option of arming the Syrian terrorist opposition, leading many observers to conclude that the Egyptian president was acting as part of a US anti-Syrian strategy.

June 15: Morsi Breaks Diplomatic Relations with Damascus

The beginning of the end for Egypt’s first elected president came in mid-June, when he attended a militant Islamist conference “in support of the Syrian uprising” at a 20,000-seat indoor stadium in Cairo. As the packed hall chanted and applauded deliriously, Morsi announced: “We have decided to close down the Syrian Embassy in Cairo. The Egyptian envoy in Damascus will also be withdrawn. The people of Egypt and its army will not leave Syrians until their rights are granted and the new elected leadership is chosen.” (Al Ahram online, June 15, 2013)

By thus breaking off diplomatic relations with another Arab state, Morsi was joining the dubious company of the NATO-backed puppet regimes in Libya and Tunisia, the only Arabs so far to have called home their envoys from Damascus. And for Cairo, such a move has far greater significance, given that Egypt and Syria were politically united between 1958 and 1961 in a single nation as the United Arab Republic, one of the fruits of President Nasser’s Pan-Arab Socialism.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Morsi’s Fall Set Up by Sellout to IMF, Bid to Deploy Egyptian Army vs. Syria; Nasserist Hamdeen Sabbahi Can Lead Egypt Out of Crisis

Webster G. Tarpley on The Jeff Rense Program
July 3, 2013


BRILLIANT: 12-year-old Boy Explains Egypt's Political Crisis

Hemp Threatens the Corporatist Parasites

Lead Gardasil Vaccine Creator Confesses to Clear Conscience

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Media, medical and science claims love to push that untreated HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) perhaps-maybe-someday can lead to cervical cancer. So far, it can't be confirmed if getting Gardasil and Cervavix actually take cervical cancer cases down. What's really shaky is the safety of a seriously under-evaluated vaccine pushed on both young girls and boys who may or may not become sexually active soon and may never contract HPV. According to the manufacturers, the vaccine only addresses 4 out of 40 HPV strains.

What is confirmed is that 44 girls have died after vaccination for HPV and many more have suffered serious bizarre side effects: Guillain BarrĂ© Syndrome (crippling and leading to permanent paralysis and suffocation), brain inflammation, blood clots, lupus, seizures. A whopping 15,037 girls have serious side effects as reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.) from Gardasil alone - and this doesn't include reports from parents who couldn't make it through all the VAERS hurdle-jumping. Actually, the CDC reports 68 possible deaths and nearly 19,000 VAERS. Trials of the vaccine were done on 15-year-olds and up although the vaccine targets kids as young as 9 and is sometimes given without parental permission, even backed by certain state legislation (see more below). Does anyone else also find it bizarre that a couple side effects are actual diseases like Guillain BarrĂ© and lupus?

You won't hear this on the 6 O'Clock news, but lead researcher-developer Dr. Diane Harper shocked audiences when she bravely turned mid-stream on her corporate handlers while she was supposed to be promoting them and HPV vaccines.

She was at 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2nd through the 4th in 2009. 

Snowden-Assange Cognitive Infiltration Psyop Falters amid Skepticism from Putin, Maduro; Contorted Attempts to Deny Kerry’s Failed June 12 White House Palace Coup to Bomb Syria

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Webster Tarpley Program – UnboundRadio.com
July 2, 2013


Footage of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Firing at the Egyptian Army

Syrian Gov’t Claims Massive Seizure of Toxic Chemicals

RIA Novosti
July 9, 2013

The Syrian government’s ambassador to the United Nations on Monday told reporters in New York that a cache of toxic chemicals, “enough to destroy a city” and presumably left by opposition forces, was discovered in northwestern Syria.

Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari said the cache included about 280 containers filled with various toxic substances, such as ethylene glycol, ethanolamine, diethanolamine and triethanolamine.

“This is enough to destroy a whole city, if not the whole country,” Ja’afari said, without mentioning the date when the discovery was made. “At the moment, an investigation is underway with regard to this batch of chemical weapons.”

All the substances mentioned by Ja’afari are indeed harmful for humans, but are extensively used in various industrial and consumer products. None of them is considered a chemical weapon.

Full article here

Under Cover of Snowden Snowjob, Kerry and Hague Attempt White House Palace Coup to Bomb Syria

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
The Webster Tarpley Program – UnboundRadio.com
June 25, 2013


Privacy International files legal challenge against UK government over mass surveillance programmes

Privacy International
July 8, 2013

In the wake of revelations that the UK Government is accessing wide-ranging intelligence information from the US and is conducting mass surveillance on citizens across the UK, Privacy International today commenced legal action against the Government, charging that the expansive spying regime is seemingly operated outside of the rule of law, lacks any accountability, and is neither necessary nor proportionate.
The claim, filed in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), challenges the UK Government on two fronts. Firstly, for the failure to have a publicly accessible legal framework in which communications data of those located in the UK is accessed after obtained and passed on by the US National Security Agency through the Prism programme.  Secondly, for the indiscriminate interception and storing of huge amounts of data via tapping undersea fibre optic cables through the Tempora programme.

Dinah Rose QC and Ben Jaffey from Blackstone Chambers and Dan Squires from Matrix Chambers were instructed by Bhatt Murphy Solicitors who are acting for Privacy International.

Reports state that the UK had access to the Prism programme since at least June 2010, and has generated 197 intelligence reports from the system in 2012. Without a legal framework, which would allow citizens to know the circumstances in which such spying would take place, the Government effectively runs a secret surveillance regime, making it nearly impossible to hold them accountable for any potential abuses. The absence of this legal framework appears to be in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights, Article 8, which provides the right to privacy and personal communications, and Article 10, which provides the right to freedom of expression.

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Congress delaying U.S. aid to Syrian rebels – sources

Mark Hosenball and Phil Stewart
July 8, 2013

(Reuters) – Congressional committees are holding up a plan to send U.S. weapons to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants, five U.S. national security sources said.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees have expressed reservations behind closed doors at the effort by President Barack Obama’s administration to support the insurgents by sending them military hardware.

None of the military aid that the United States announced weeks ago has arrived in Syria, according to an official from an Arab country and Syrian opposition sources.

Democrats and Republicans on the committees worry that weapons could reach factions like the Nusra Front, which is one of the most effective rebel groups but has also been labeled by the United States as a front for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Full story here.

Kerry Coup to Start Bombing Syria Fails, Rebuffed by Obama’s Hand-Picked JCS Chair; Washington Post Reveals that Chemical Weapons Rap Against Assad is Baseless

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
June 22, 2013


Monday, July 8, 2013

Tony Blair calls for intervention in Syria

Peter Dominiczak
London Telegraph
July 8, 2013

Mr Blair, the former Prime Minister, said that the civil war in Syria has caused more deaths that the conflict in Iraq since 2003.

“Personally I think we should at least consider and consider actively a no-fly zone in Syria,” Mr Blair told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Mr Blair said: “A refusal to engage, as you see from what’s happening in Syria at the moment, where, after all, as a proportion of the population there’s now been more people that have died in Syria in a civil war that shows absolutely no sign of ending than in the entirety of Iraq since 2003. So, you know, inaction is also a policy and a decision with consequence.”

The former Labour leader added: “The thing we’ve got to understand about this region is that there are people intervening. So if we disengage, it’s not that these disputes are playing themselves out within their countries.”

Full article here

Egypt violence: Gang throws rivals to their deaths from top of a building

Keir Mudie
Daily Mirror
July 7, 2013

Editor’s note: The perpetrators of these murders were Muslim Brotherhood Morsi supporters.

A bloodthirsty gang is filmed flinging r­ivals to their deaths from the top of a building as violence spirals out of control in Egypt.

Horrific scenes captured on a mobile phone and posted on YouTube show a group of men surrounded by captors in the north-east city of Alexandria, the Sunday People can report.

Sickeningly, the victims are tossed head-first from a ledge. They land on the ­concrete roof below, where they are beaten and left for dead.

Clashes between opponents and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi intensified yesterday, leaving 36 people dead. British tourists were feared to be at risk of terrorist attack last night after the head of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, issued a call to arms after the military coup ousted Islamist Morsi.

Full story here.

Egypt on Verge of Civil War – Putin

RIA Novosti
July 7, 2013

Egypt is on the verge of a civil war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday as tensions continued to escalate in the North African country between the supporters and opponents of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

“Syria is already engulfed in a civil war and, no matter how sad it may sound, Egypt is also moving in the same direction. It would be good, if the Egyptian people avoided this fate,” Putin said during his working visit to Kazakhstan.

The Egyptian armed forces on Wednesday deposed Morsi and suspended the country’s constitution, Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said in a televised address to the nation.

Full story here.

4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, while Innocent

Snowden’s Venezuela offer ‘last chance’ for political asylum – Russian official

Matt Williams
London Guardian
July 8, 2013

Venezuela’s offer of asylum could be NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s “last chance” to avoid extradition to the US, an influential member of the Russian parliament suggested Sunday.

Alexei Pushkov, who chairs the Duma’s foreign affairs committee and is seen to have the ear of the Kremlin, made the comment in a tweet, having previously stated his views that a move to Caracas would be the “best solution” for the fugitive.

Snowden is believed to be holed up in transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, having arrived from Hong Kong two week’s earlier but unable to progress further.

But on Friday and Saturday, three South America countries – Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela – offered asylum to the man wanted in the US for leaking documents unveiling the extent of its domestic and international surveillance programme.

Full article here

Snowden says Western states ‘in bed with NSA’

July 7, 2013

Fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden said the US National Security Agency operates broad secret spying partnerships with other Western governments now complaining about its programmes, in an interview published Sunday.

Snowden said in comments made before his exposure of US espionage practices came to light last month and printed in German news weekly Der Spiegel that NSA spies are “in bed together with the Germans and most other Western states”.

In remarks published in German, Snowden said an NSA department known as the Foreign Affairs Directorate coordinated work with foreign secret services.

The partnerships are organised so that authorities in other countries can “insulate their political leaders from the backlash” if it becomes public “how grievously they’re violating global privacy,” he said.

Full story here.

Egypt’s interim president retreats from naming ElBaradei Prime Minister

July 7, 2013

The appointment of former IAEA chief Mohamed Elbaradei for the post of Egypt’s interim prime minister has been placed on hold as consultations with various political parties over the selection of an interim PM continue.

Speaking at an impromptu press conference held at Cairo’s Ittihadiya presidential palace, spokesman for interim President Adly Mansour, Ahmed Musilamani, told reporters the presidency had to take into account opposition to ElBaradei and denied that the nomination of the Nobel Peace laureate was ever certain.

Earlier, the Tamarod movement which organized the mass protests that lead to the overthrow of Morsi on Wednesday, made the announcement after consultations with Adly Mansour, that Mohamed ElBaradei was appointed to be Egypt’s interim Prime Minister.

The announcement was greeted with cheers from thousands of Tamarod supporters outside the presidential palace. They waited there for most of the day as ElBaradei spent Saturday in discussions with other chiefs of Egypt’s new coalition, involving army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at the Ministry of Defense.

Meanwhile, the country’s most prominent Islamist parties expressed their opposition amid the news reports ElBaradei would be appointed.

“The nomination of ElBaradei violates the roadmap that the political and national powers had agreed on with General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” the deputy leader of the Nour Party, Ahmed Khalil told Al Ahram. The Nour Party is Egypt’s second biggest Islamist group.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest Islamic party and supporters of former President Morsi also voiced their anger over ElBaradei’s nomination, calling it “Washington’s choice” and urged more protests on Sunday.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Codex Alimentarius Permits a Wide Range of Dangerous Chemicals in Food

image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In my past few articles, I have discussed the documented adverse health effects related to pesticide use,[1] the difference between general pesticides and POPs[2] (Persistent Organic Pollutants), and the requirements that must be met [3]in order for the designation of POP to be applied to a specific pesticide.

With all of this in mind, one may be surprised that Codex Alimentarius actually allows for the presence of such dangerous chemicals in food. Before explaining this position, however, it is important to note some of the background regarding POPs, the Stockholm Convention, and, finally, the Codex Alimentarius POP guidelines themselves.

In 2001, The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants was adopted with the stated goals of eliminating or reducing the production and use of POPs. The Stockholm Convention entered into force in 2004 and is overseen by the United Nations Environment Program. The Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm Convention (COP) manages the POPs Convention with each of the members of the Stockholm Convention being the members of the COP. The function of the members of the Convention is to implement the obligations of the treaty at the national level.

Although 50 countries have ratified the treaty, the U.S. is not one of them. However, the U.S. has largely begun to implement the treaty on the national level. This has been accomplished through a series of national laws and other international agreements.

Since 1972, the United States and Canada have signed several agreements involving the removal of POPs from the Great Lakes such as the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy. The U.S. is also party to the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade with 71 other countries and the European Union.