Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Messiah By Any Other Name

Messiah doesn't look too worried
The banned name is actually one of the top growing baby names...

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Another example of a judge seeing an opening and running away with it. And it's another real one.

A simple dispute between two parents over their child's last name somehow magically turned into the judge bestowing a new first name and banishing his actual name, Messiah.

Tennesee child support judge Lu Ann Ballew ordered Jaleesa Martin to change 7-month-old Messiah DeShawn Martin's name to Martin DeShawn McCullough. Father's last name.

Do you wonder if she must stay up late at night with panic attacks thinking of all the people she couldn't prevent being named Jesus? Perhaps there are parts of the world blotted out of her travel bucket list. A reporter actually asked her about it (below, highly recommended watch) and she said she thought about that but of course, it's not relevant to this case.