Tuesday, August 6, 2013

American Cops Don't Belong in Canada

Sean Casey
Huffington Post

A few years ago, Stephen Harper told us that by the time he was done in office, we wouldn't recognize Canada. How true, and troubling, those words have become.

In Harper's relatively short seven years running the country, we have seen the Americanization of our parliamentary democracy. We have an enemies list, fact free attack ads, and constant negativity and division.
We've also seen the Americanization of our justice system where facts and evidence are replaced by "gut feelings", and an obsession with retribution.

Now we are now witnessing the Americanization of our law enforcement. Armed American police officers will now operate on Canadian soil. 

Bit by bit, agreement by agreement, Canada is giving away more and more in the name of trade. To Conservatives, none of this is a threat to our sovereignty, as if the very act of stating so makes it so.

But let us consider this fantasy scenario: RCMP officers stopping American citizens on the Buffalo side of their border. Picture the horrified expression of those resilient New Yorkers as they are forced to slow down on their Interstate highway so as to be greeted by a smiling RCMP officer who is to inspect their property, ask questions about where they live, where they've come from, and the like -- all part of a so called "pre-clearing" program.

Of course, this scene would never occur. The United States protects, obsessively, their sovereignty. But here in Canada, armed American police officers will now be able to stop Canadians, in Canada, inspecting, checking and asking questions.

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