Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are The Egypt Protests A Foreign Propaganda Campaign?

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With recent reports[1] coming out of Egypt regarding the death of close to 150 people as a result of the Egyptian military’s and security forces’ crackdown on “protesters,” the temptation to react with horror and revulsion toward the Egyptian government is justifiably real. However, considering the recent history of African and Middle Eastern internal politics (i.e. Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.) and, in particular, the track record of Western mainstream media outlets, it would be wise to hold such emotions closer to the vest until the full story regarding the Egyptian violence is made known.

While Western media outlets have touted the violence in Egypt as a violent crackdown against “peaceful protesters,” readers must be reminded of the claims made against the Assad government of “violent crackdowns” against “peaceful protesters” who were anything but peaceful and even crossed the threshold of violence designating them as protesters. In reality, the “protesters” were largely made up of religious fanatics, foreigners, mercenaries, snipers, and other forms of armed mobs that eventually took shape as guerrilla military brigades, i.e. – death squads[2] - facts which the Western media conveniently left out of their reporting.