Friday, August 16, 2013

Cops Admit On Video That They Targeted Activist

Activist Post

The question of who the police really work for was answered by the police themselves following the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo in Oregon on May 19. Whereas it is the duty of true public servants to uphold the Constitution for each individual citizen, such was not the duty of Oregon's Malheur County Sheriff's Department.

It all began when an anti-rodeo activist, Steve Hindy, had been targeted for harassment by the rodeo board representing the rodeo he was protesting against. You see, it was they who called in the directions to conduct an illegal traffic stop. After all, what are those (paid) "relationships" with the police department for, right? And, naturally, where there is one instance of a corrupt police department, there are often more to be cited. The revealing video below explains.


If you wish to call the Malheur County Sheriff's Department, the number is (541) 473-5510.

Sheriff Brian Wolfe can be emailed at:

Dan Norris, District Attorney, (541) 473-5127,

Please let us know what the sheriff and district attorney have to say about this outrageous conduct! Email:

You can the unedited videos here:
Malheur Bodycam:
Malheur County Dash Cam: