Friday, August 16, 2013

Deputy Sues 911 Caller for Not Warning of Possible Danger

Image: Jayme Fraser/ Chronicle
Amanda Warren
Activist Post

In Harris County, Texas, back in December, a frightened Camina Figueroa called 911 telling the operator she needed help with her son-in-law, Kemal Yazar. He was acting aggressively and erratically after doing drugs for several days - apparently stated in the call. Specifically, it was believed to be Bath Salts. She had actually called for an ambulance after getting the children out for safety. His wife told EMS that he was acting irrationally.

Because of this knowledge, two sheriff's deputies were dispatched along with paramedics - one of the deputies was Brady Pullen.

Four unfortunate events ensued. 

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"This is crazy," says the newscaster.