Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is It Possible – Or Even Desirable – To Be Mentally Prepared For Apocalypse?

Julian Rose
Activist Post

It should be very clear by now, to most thoughtful people, that we are well down the road of engineered collapse. Some might argue that we are already in the manifestation of 'the end of days'.

It's not important. What is important is to recognize that a combination of political corruption, corporate greed and military warmongering have pushed this planet's ecological, social and cultural heart beat to the very edge of thrombosis. And that what stands behind this state of affairs is no longer a precipitous act of nature – as may have been the case 10,000 years ago – but a tightly knit enclave of power brokers.

The power brokers' agenda is, and has been, to foster the establishment of a destructive web, designed in such a way that the populace as a whole is subjected to a daily dose of toxic medicine, designed to instill an unbroken stream of anxiety and fear.

They count on the fact that by this time, and in the face of a continued sustained bombardment, the great majority of the human race will have submitted to their 'protection' – having believed (until too late) that each new phase of the crisis is caused by something other than a planned takeover of the control levers of society.

However, even the best of the dark side's plans are vulnerable.