Friday, August 16, 2013

Is The Military Suppressing Legitimate Protest in Egypt?

Dees Illustration
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Only yesterday, August 14, 2013, I wrote an article entitled “Are The Egypt Protests A Foreign Propaganda Campaign,”[1] where I discussed the possibility that the Egyptian “military crackdown” on allegedly peaceful Morsi supporters that was being reported throughout the Western media was not the unwarranted use of force that was being portrayed. Indeed, in this article, I asked whether or not the allegedly peaceful protests were truly peaceful at all, whether or not the claims of government violence were exaggerated, and why the Egyptian military would use such brute force against a people they have stood behind and beside on at least two recent occasions. Indeed, I even asked whether or not it is possible that the Egyptian security forces were not acting in self-defense.

While many may find themselves giving a knee-jerk reaction regarding the response of a government controlled by the military, the information trickling out of Egypt in the aftermath of yet another violent clash and an embarrassing and hypocritical Obama speech condemning violence in the Middle Eastern nation tends to lend even more credence to the hypothesis I forwarded yesterday – that the Muslim Brotherhood protesters were not peaceful protesters but violent antagonists attempting to destabilize and destroy the Egyptian government.

Although the Western public was force-fed propaganda on Wednesday August 14 regarding supposed indiscriminate attacks by government security forces against peaceful democracy-loving protesters, a report that was completely ignored by much of the Western media has surfaced painting the Morsi protesters in a different light.