Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Israel's Undisputed Role in Training Middle East Terrorists

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the recent controversy surrounding decisions by the “secret Congress” and White House to openly arm, train, and assist the death squads wreaking havoc across Syria (commonly known as the Syrian “rebels” in more mainstream circles) truly informed observers have been well aware of the American, NATO, and generally Western backing of the terrorists ever since the beginning of the Syrian destabilization campaign that went live in late 2011.

The fact that Anglo-American powers have acted as directors of the death squads in terms of organization, funding, training, and supply has been known for some time. I, myself, have written several articles on this topic as well as on the fact that the intent to organize death squads to destabilize Syrian on behalf of the Anglo-American powers was known to exist at least as far back as 2005.[1]

The Israeli desire to destroy Syria has also been readily apparent[2] through the numerous attempts by the Mad Dog of the Middle East to encourage bombing, military action, and outright invasion of Syria whenever the opportunity to ride the coattails of some engineered propaganda blitz presents itself. Indeed, Israel, always ready to fight to the last American, continually promotes and threatens to engage in unilateral military assaults against any number of its neighbors or other regional nations, even approving the direct bombing of Syrian targets on more than one occasion.[3]