Friday, August 9, 2013

Miami: Spray Graffiti, Get Tasered to Death

Kurt Nimmo
August 8, 2013

Miami: Spray Graffiti, Get Tasered to Death graffiti
Photo: Xamanu

In Miami, Florida, spraying graffiti on abandoned buildings is a capital offense. Do it and you might get summarily executed.
That’s what happened to Israel Hernandez-Llach earlier this week. The 18-year old went into medical duress and died at a hospital after a cop used a taser on him, according to USA Today.

The police spotted Hernandez-Llach spraying graffiti on the wall of an abandoned fast-food restaurant. Confronted, the teen ran, but was eventually cornered. That’s when police said he “resisted arrest,” in other words he refused to cooperate. He didn’t have a weapon, according to USA Today. Despite this, the cops shot him in the chest with a taser and he died.

Every few days we read one or two horror stories about trigger-happy cops. On August 2, we reported on a 95-year old man shot to death with bean bag and stun guns by cops. On August 7, we covered the story of a cop beating a woman senseless after she was caught shoplifting. Last month, we reported on an honor student who had her teeth knocked out by sadistic cops at a restaurant in Illinois. In Oregon, police tasered an autistic girl while a cop in Florida ran over a man with his patrol car. In Durham, North Carolina, a cop recently assaulted a motorist and threatened to plant cocaine on him. Meanwhile, in Chicago, a federal lawsuit accuses a police officer or sodomizing a man with a gun during interrogation.

On and on, day after day, local media report endless horror stories of police abusing and killing citizens. Remarkably, cops accused of assaulting and executing people are often not reprimanded, let alone criminally charged. Remarkably, criminal and renegade police are often allowed to practice their sadistic control freak behavior without restraint.

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