Friday, August 9, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda Film Exposed

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Taking a cue from the foreign-backed death squads currently wreaking havoc in Syria, Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been caught attempting to stage both a demonstration and a violent repression of that demonstration by government forces.

Incredibly, Muslim Brotherhood supporters literally organized a fake demonstration complete with camera crews whose purpose was to photograph the “demonstrators” pretending to march on the streets of Egypt and portray this demonstration as real. What’s more, the “demonstrators” paused in mid “march” in order to assume dramatic poses showing angry faces and injured “protestors.” Bandages and fake bloodstains were brandished for effect as well as actors posing as doctors who pretended to be treating the wounded.

These images, had they not been revealed, would have undoubtedly found their way to the television screens of millions of Westerners, the most propaganda-susceptible population in the world, resulting in a public perception of yet another group of freedom fighters and oppressed people being abused by their government.

The video of the incredibly bad acting and attempted demonstration fakery can be seen in the video shown on LiveLeak below:[1]