Friday, August 16, 2013

NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ Sees Lowest Ratings in 21 years

Jack Mirkinson
Huffington Post
August 15, 2013

NBC News spoke up on Thursday for its embattled “Meet The Press” host, David Gregory, after reports about his show’s dicey ratings surfaced this week.

Gregory has had something of a troubled year, whether landing in the headlines for his very public outburst on a Washington street, or for his widely criticized questioning of the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, or for his near-prosecution for violating DC’s gun laws.

But a Mediaite report on Tuesday hit Gregory, and NBC, right where it must have hurt the most: in the ratings. The site noted that “Meet The Press” is seeing its lowest ratings in at least 21 years in both the total viewer and demo category. The show has been overtaken many weeks by a resurgent “Face the Nation” on CBS.

The New York Post promptly reported that Gregory could be dropped from the show, even though he recently signed a new deal with NBC.

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