Monday, August 12, 2013

Raw Milk Farmer on Trial for Keeping Eggs at Customer Preferred Temperature

Brad Jordan
August 11, 2013

The state of Minnesota is going after a small, peaceful dairy farmer…again. Alvin Schlangen is wanted for selling raw milk and other real foods to members of a private, buying club, without retail food sales permits. The state – which generally sees local foods produced outside of the industrialized food system as “dangerous” – aims to make an example of this farmer for disobeying rules, which no one, except the high priests in government, had a problem with.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture – still with egg on its face from an earlier court battle, which Schlangen won – has decided to press charges against him for similar infractions in another county. Charges include selling cold eggs (too cold for state officials, but just right for his customers), not having a license to “handle” his own food (while delivering it free of charge), and selling “adulterated” and/or “misbranded” food (stemming from a wild accusation that Schlangen’s milk caused a man to become ill).