Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Total Fabrication Laid Bare in March to War With Syria

"Missing Peace"
Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

While the Western world gears up for possible military action against Syria using an alleged chemical weapons attack as justification, vastly more evidence points to the culpability of the death squads than to that of the Syrian government. Information continues to emerge disproving the mainstream media and Western government claims regarding the tragedy which took place last week.

I have written an article entitled “Propaganda Overdrive Suggests Syria War Coming Soon,”[1] in which I discuss the history of false flag chemical attacks to be blamed on the Syrian government, as well as deconstruct the official narrative regarding the recent “chemical weapons attack” which took place in the Eastern Ghouta region. I would encourage all of the readers to access this article in order to gain an important conceptual understanding and chronologically relevant perspective surrounding recent events.

Yet, even in that article, which desires to stand as a comprehensive discussion of situations such as the Syrian chemical weapons attack and the subsequent military action that might result from the spin placed around media and governmental reports of such attacks, vital information is often not available due to its gradual release.