Monday, August 19, 2013

Wis. Police Arrest Journalist, Teen and Three Grannies During Capitol Sing Along

Arrested 14-year old says, “I have a right to peacefully protest my government”

Julie Wilson
August 16, 2013

Capitol Police have arrested three grannies, a journalist, a minor and one City Council member for participating in the daily Solidarity Sing Along (SSA) at the State Capitol on Thursday.

Demonstrators have been singing in the State Capitol as a form of protest against Gov. Scott Walker since 2011 when he proposed and passed the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill.

Mint Press News said the bill “cut collective bargaining rights for unions and municipal employees across the state.”

The Cap Times reported that police issued citations to 22 people for assembling at the State Capitol without a permit Thursday.

Journalist and publisher Matthew Rothschild, who appeared on the Alex Jones Show back in 2008, was among those arrested. Rothschild says he was arrested for a second time since 2011 for taking pictures of police arresting three grannies for singing in the Capitol.

According to the Daily KOS, Rothschild said he did not comply with an officer’s order to move from the area. He repeatedly identified himself as a journalist to authorities.

Rothschild was arrested in 2011 for wearing a sign and taking photographs in the Assembly gallery.
The video above shows a man wearing a sign that read:

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