Monday, September 16, 2013

Cop Prevents Animal Rescue, Shoots, Threatens Arrest

Greg Searle/Facebook
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

What is with the fresh round of stories about law enforcement (enjoying?) shooting animals? Animals who might not be that injured. Animals shot in front of families. Animals shot for no reason but the thrill of the kill? But then imagine afterward, you being the one who might be under arrest - and getting your car impounded!

When other countries are emulating the exact same actions, that's a sorry sign.

A few days ago in Chelsea, Quebec, Greg Searle was driving down a highway and witnessed a fawn hit by a vehicle. He carried it to the roadside. While unable or unwilling to walk with hind legs, there were no signs of injury accept a couple of scratches, as you can see from the actual photo above.

Searle checked to see if there might be internal injuries and called his wife, Samantha, who has experience with animals and helping with law enforcement - she took her young daughter. His intent was to get rescuers since he could tell it would not soon die - it could keep living with some attention.