Friday, September 6, 2013

Pro-War Senator Votes Bought With 83% More Defense Lobby Money?

Zero Hedge
September 6, 2013

Wednesday’s 10-7 vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee supporting an authorization of military attacks on Syria may have been affected by varying levels of financial support the senators got from political action committees representing the defense industry, and from the companies’ employees. As The Daily Mail reportson average, a ‘yes’-voting senator received 83% more money from defense contractors than one who voted ‘no.’ Committee members who voted Wednesday to support the proposal collected an average of $72,850 in defense campaign financing between 2007 and 2012, Wired magazine reported, based on data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics. Those who dissented in the committee vote averaged $39,770, with the four senators who received the least amount of defense dollars, ranging from $14,000 to $19,250, all voted no. At a Pentagon-estimated cost of around $5 billion per month (for a 2-month deployment) – and in light of our previous discussion on lobbying ROIs - is it any wonder?

Via The Daily Mail,

Among the biggest contributors to senators involved in yesterday’s vote were Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Technologies and Honeywell International, companies that make everything from stealth bombers to long-range missiles and aerial drones.

While members of Congress have complained that Pentagon budget cuts due to the 2013 budget sequester will hamper any military effort in the Middle East, those giant contractors will likely benefit from any military action.

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