Friday, September 27, 2013

Terrorists Wage War on Each Other in Syria; New Round Of Propaganda Begins

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
September 27, 2013

As the deranged coterie of extremists, religious fanatics, terrorists, and mercenaries known as the Syrian “rebels” begins to disintegrate both from the constant assault by the Syrian military and their own inability to cooperate even amongst themselves, a new attempt at propaganda regarding the nature of the “rebels” is beginning to take shape within Western media outlets.

Indeed, the death squad fratricide now taking place within Syria is slowly but surely being turned into a false narrative of “moderate” versus “extremist” in the death squad camp which will possibly be used to bring the propaganda full circle and provide a representation of some of the death squads as democracy-loving freedom fighters who only want freedom from an oppressive government – a representation which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The divide between various death squad groups has been developing for some time. However, on September 25, a statement was released by the notorious al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) declaring war and victory over a fellow terrorist division of the FSA (Free Syrian Army), Liwa Asifat al Shamal.

The statement which can be seen in its original form as posted on Twitter was subsequently translated and posted to LiveLeak. In it, ISIS states that “On Wednesday, we purified the land from what is called Liwa Asifat al Shamal, which God wanted to expose them in front of everyone.” The group went on to list eight “examples of their treason before and now.” ISIS also stated that,