Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unmasking the Real Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs working for NSA - Wiki image
Jack Singularity
Activist Post

You know the myth. That Steve Jobs is the greatest entrepreneur of our time. He co-founded Apple Computer. He was the driving force behind the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad.

This is somewhat incongruous for right-wing conservative reactionaries to accept, because Jobs was also a pot-smoking hippie who dropped out of college. But they too join in hailing him as a great innovator.

But now in the news we learn that the NSA was behind Jobs all the way. Internal NSA documents casually refer to Apple customers as ‘zombies’ and Jobs himself as ‘Big Brother.’

Do I need to explain what this means? Jobs was never an anti-government maverick. He was complicit in the creation of the modern surveillance state. He was their tool, perhaps even their guiding light.