Tuesday, October 8, 2013

David Icke All-Day Event At Wembley Arena 2014 - Earlybird Tickets Now Available

1,200 have been released for two ticket blocks at a 20-percent discount

Activist Post

David Icke returns to Wembley Arena Saturday October 25th, 2014.

The visionary and motivational work of David Icke has been instrumental in bringing about the global awakening that we see taking shape. For over 20 years (and 20 books), David has helped lead the charge that is beginning to result in the globalist elite losing their control on free humanity.

David's books are essential in grasping the totality of what we face, but it is his live presentation that is truly something to behold. Speaking many times in excess of 10 hours, there is simply no better place to learn from start to finish what the control grid is, how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how we can maintain our freedom within a system that is attempting to implement full spectrum dominance.

Activist Post writer, Heather Callaghan, attended David Icke's 2011 event in Cleveland, Ohio and succinctly stated why so many people are gathering to hear him speak, and what one will encounter when they spend the day with David: