Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Recovered Amish Girl will "Physically Fight" if Forced Back on Chemo

Amish gather throughout Ohio to hear about Akron 
Children’s Hospital & the Hershberger story
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

A back-and-forth fight between the state and a 10-year-old girl with leukemia has been raging for awhile. Ohioan Amish girl, Sarah Hershberger, was brought into national view when it was learned that a legal battle ensued over whether her parents, Andy and Anna, had any right to choose a natural cancer treatment for her.

Already this year, a Medina County, Ohio Juvenile and Probate judge ruled in the parents' favor - twice - when Akron Children's Hospital took legal action to force her to continue chemotherapy. Earlier this month, however, an appeals court ruling overturned the rulings and appointed a nurse-attorney to have limited legal guardianship over Sarah, saying: "...we are unwilling to adhere to the wishes of the parents" and "The beliefs and convictions of the parents can’t outweigh the rights of the state to protect the child." The ruling was to force her back into (experimental) chemotherapy.