Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What the HELL is an Illusory Democracy???

Lt. John Taylor

Both of these levers are broken!
I used to joke around with my Fire department buddies “Vote Democrat because they will steal your pension slower”  Flash forward ten years later and that joke was somewhat prophetic.  Not what I was hoping for.  The political landscape in our country resembles a scene from Terminator.  We the People are being hunted by predatory forces and the only choice we have is a quick or somewhat slower death.  The Republicans are at least quick about it, the Democrats like in Soylent Green give you a meal and an hour of air conditioning before your extermination.

Our choice is no choice at all.

When all the expensive TV commercials are over, when the balloons have settled to the floor of the convention, when the last MUD has been slung,  when the vast sums of money are doled out to the various and sundry open hands, We stand in front of two levers one for the Democratic candidate, one for the Republican candidate, In a moment of clarity we realize, we have no choice at all. Fade to Black.

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