Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cargill's New Announcement Reveals Much More About Pink Slime

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Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Cargill Inc., among the world's biggest beef processors, is taking the road less traveled and has decided to disclose ingredients for their version of what consumers and media call "pink slime."

Rival pink slime producer, Beef Products Inc., nearly shut down in 2012 after the media and consumer backlash caused such a dent that they had to close 3 of their 4 plants and lay off hundreds of employees. The media frenzy ball got rolling after a minor revelation in Food Inc., demonstrations by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and Diane Sawyer reporting for ABC News.

It turns out, Cargill has been using a similar product and process in their beef since 1993. It is likely that they escaped the avalanche because they use a different treatment for it; one that is likely to be welcomed by the public and overlooked, but could end up coming back to bite them in the near future if they do not learn more about the process. When dealing with Big AgriBiz, it is often Fool's Gold the consumer has actually purchased at great cost to their health and pockets.

Is Cargill's sensational new step something to get excited about? Or does it reveal something else?