Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Columbia, S.C. Police Chief Allegedly Plotted To Frame City Politician

Former Captain David Navarro, left
Police Chief Ruben Santiago, right
image source
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The Columbia, S.C. Police Chief who caused controversy last week after posting an intimidating Facebook message to a man who criticized the Department’s aggressive stance on marijuana users has apparently been at the center of more controversies than mere Facebook drama in recent months. Indeed, allegations against Chief Santiago regarding a plan to frame a city official and install himself as Police Chief is much more serious.

Back in September of this year, Columbia, S.C. Police Chief Ruben Santiago found himself facing accusations that he had attempted to mastermind a conspiracy to frame Assistant City Manager Allison Baker with gun and drug charges in order to get him fired. The plan, according to former CPD Captain David Navarro, was to allow then-Police Chief Randy Scott to move into his position, thus allowing Santiago to move up to the position of Police Chief.

The plot, nicknamed “Black Ops,” allegedly involved planting both a stolen gun and cocaine in Baker’s car, which would then set off the chain of events resulting in Santiago’s promotion.