Thursday, November 7, 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy: Stopping Wall Street's Murderous Intent

Bruce Marshall
HomeThanks to an honest Judge, Ingham County’s Rosemarie Aquilina, the Detroit Bankruptcy crisis has received a message of truth which the people of Detroit, the State of Michigan and the rest of the country should heed if we are to save Detroit and the States of this Union.

Judge Aquilina has ruled that the bankruptcy of Detroit violates the Michigan Constitution. Furthermore Judge Aauilina has stated that President Obama should "Bail Out Detroit".

Judge Aquilina’s courageous message is exactly what the people of this nation must demand if we are to free ourselves from enslavement and murder by the blind actuarial forces of Wall Street austerity.

In the first instance, the question of the legality of this bankruptcy action should be understood from the intent of the United States Constitution. The simple issue is this: The intent of the U.S. Constitution is that the government uphold the “General Welfare.” What should be plainly obvious, and will be when people start to understand how to use the Constitution, is that this bankruptcy is in no way of help to the general welfare of Detroit, Michigan or the rest of the country. What this bankruptcy and the attendant austerity cuts against the people of the city are really about is to service debts to Wall Street, much of which represent service fees and interest payments, that make private firms rich to speculate another day while people die.

This issue needs to be understood by President Obama immediately. The President's duty is to promote the General Welfare, and not turn the nation over to Wall Street loan sharks to loot and beat up. The problem is that we do not have a President in this country.