Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Detroit’s decision to fend off bankruptcy: pay pensions or banks?

Dominic Rushe
November 13, 2013

This is David Allen’s second visit to Engine 40′s fire station on Detroit’s west side since February 2012 when a wall collapsed on him during a fire leaving him unable to walk without an aide. Last time he was here to clean out his locker. This time, as Detroit careens towards bankruptcy, he is back to talk with colleagues about their prospects.

Detroit’s firefighters are used to danger and loss. The crew laugh and rib each other and Allen as they get ready to eat. But this time they are facing something other than fire. Beneath the camaraderie there is anger and fear.

Allen and his colleagues are among 30,000 Detroit city workers, past and present, who are about to learn what will happen to their pensions and healthcare if the city is allowed to file for a historic bankruptcy – the largest of its kind in history.

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