Monday, November 25, 2013

French foreign minister doubts Israel will strike Iran

Jerusalem Post
November 25, 2013

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told a radio station on Monday that he did not believe Israel would launch a preemptive military assault on Iran’s nuclear installations, Israel Radio reported.

Image: Laurent Fabius (Wikimedia Commons).
Fabius said that the European Union would likely begin lifting some of the sanctions against Iran beginning next month following the interim accord that was agreed upon between the P5+1 powers and the Islamic Republic.

Bracing for continued battle over the Iranian nuclear issue, a senior Israeli official said Sunday that Israel will continue to act in the “diplomatic arena” and “in other areas” to ensure that Iran does not get nuclear weapons.

“The ball is still in play,” the official said, as Israel digested the significance of the agreement signed in Geneva in the early morning hours that legitimizes Iran’s enrichment of uranium, but freezes the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program for six months in exchange for sanctions relief estimated at $7 billion.

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