Friday, November 1, 2013

Israel Attacks Syria — Again!

Daniel McAdams
Lew Rockwell Blog
November 1, 2013

Just as the mainstream press is reporting — in astonishment — that the Syrian government has actually abided by its unilaterally agreed upon pledge to submit its strategic chemical weapon deterrent to destruction by the international community, the international media is reporting that the Israeli military has once again launched a military attack against Syrian territory.

This marks at least the fifth time in 2013 that the Israeli military has, in clear violation of international law, launched military attacks against neighboring Syria. In violation of Lebanese airspace as well, it was reported that Israeli bombers flew over Lebanon to strike a Syrian military base near Latakia.

As in the previous attacks by Israel against Syria, the Israeli government has refused to confirm or deny its actions, with a government spokesperson saying flatly, “We don’t refer to foreign reports.”
So Syria agrees to give up its one deterrent against an overwhelmingly militarily superior and nuclear-armed neighbor, Israel, and the response is yet another Israeli attack on Syria — this time with no possible threat of Syrian strategic retaliation. Assad looks more and more foolish to agree to unilateral disarmament considering the continued aggression of his regional neighbors — Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia (all with US support).

The Syrian deal with the West all of a sudden looks like capitulation and an invitation for a Western attack. This is nothing new — ask Qaddafi about that. Oh, that’s right, he was murdered by NATO operatives in a Western invasion after he agreed to relinquish his own strategic arsenal.

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