Friday, November 1, 2013


Occupy America Social Network

The "iconic shot" on the OASN masthead at the top of the page was the subject of one of our earliest blogs. Take a close look at that picture.
The 'Media' may claim that they are just trying to keep their jobs, so they have to print lies (I can see the headline now ... "protester viciously attacks policeman's knee with neck.") They are forcing themselves to act as slaves.

Slaves must kneel before their masters, and do what they are told. Only Free men stand. The latin word for standing is where we get the English word “Resist” (the word's origin is from Latin resistere to remain standing, equivalent to re- re- + sistere to cause to stand, akin to stāre to stand.)
In the picture at the top of the page, look at the eyes of the policeman, kneeling on the protester. Then look at the eyes of our fellow resister. He is winning. Our stand has made his slave kneel.
We are the free men and women that occupy America. We are still a movement without leaders by design. We occupy Wall Street, and Main street – they are all our streets. We will not continue to occupy other people’s streets.


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