Saturday, December 14, 2013

FSA Commander Forced To Flee, Attacked By Fellow Death Squads

FSA commander
Selim Idriss
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Demonstrating yet again the jihadist nature of the so-called Syrian “rebellion” as well as the fracturing command structure the top “rebel” commander, General Selim Idriss, has fled Syria as a result of attacks by the more extreme jihadists of the Islamic Front.

According to the Wall Street Journal, TIME, UPI, and a host of other mainstream sources, Idriss fled Syria into Turkey after Islamic Front jihadists overran his weapons warehouses full of US-donated military gear as well as his own headquarters located near the border of Syria and Turkey. From Turkey, Idriss flew to Doha, Qatar. The warehouses were controlled mainly by the Supreme Military Council, the loose umbrella group which contains the FSA.

Reports of Idriss’ flight were corroborated by both an anonymous senior U.S. Official and a spokesman for the Islamic Front.

A spokesman for the FSA, however, attempted to claim that Idriss was merely in Turkey for talks between the Islamic Front and the FSA.