Thursday, December 5, 2013

Google Seeks Market Share in Growing Robotics Industry

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

Robots are already outsourcing humans, but some robotics experts are predicting that 2045 will be the time when the last human worker receives his or her walking papers. It's an undeniable trend, as robots are set to move from the assembly line to the delivery and fulfillment areas with autonomous vehicles, and perhaps even a full-scale drone delivery system like that proposed by Amazon.

The fact that Google would be interested in the growing robot economy should come as no surprise, as we have seen their sustained commitment to concepts like augmented reality (Google Glass), despite the early over-reach that has sparked privacy concerns. And, indeed, they are announcing a major investment that entails a long-term plan for integrating robots into the future of their company, despite this being described as a "moonshot."

As a sign of just how serious Google is, tech site 33rd Square phrased Google's plans for new acquisitions as "swallowing up robotics companies" ... the seven that are seen as key to putting Google at the forefront of future development: